Nach den Mobilitäten in den Niederlanden im Oktober 2021, auf Mallorca im April 2022, in der Türkei im Juni 2022, in Frankreich im Oktober 2022 und zuletzt an unserer Schule im Mai 2023, ist das Projekt zu seinem Ende gekommen. Es bleiben uns die Erinnerungen an wunderbare Begegnungen, schöne Reisen, Momente voller Entdeckungen und Emotionen. Ein großes Dankeschön an die Schüler, Eltern und Kollegen, die zum Erfolg dieses schönen Projekts beigetragen haben!


• Successful mobility of 96 students and 41 teachers
• E-dioms App: A portable e-learning application that teaches the idioms and proverbs of the EU languages of
Spanish, English, French, Turkish, Dutch, and German. It is made available on mobile app stores for everyone’s
usage at no cost.

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German mobility

The mobility in Germany was a mobility under particularly challenging conditions because the English mobility couldn’t take place. Therefore, in addition to focusing on German idioms related to the human senses, we also emphasized idioms regarding tolerance and pluralism. Furthermore, the teams arrived at the final joint meeting with twice the number of students.

We focused on two main themes: idioms related to the human senses and idioms related to tolerance/pluralism.

Throughout the meeting, we explored idiomatic expressions that capture the essence of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. We delved into their meanings, usage, and cultural significance. Additionally, we dedicated time to discussing idioms that promote tolerance and pluralism, addressing the importance of inclusivity and respect for diverse cultures.

By examining these two distinct yet interconnected themes, we gained a deeper understanding of the power of idiomatic expressions to convey messages across different languages and cultures. These discussions allowed us to appreciate the common threads that unite us, even as we embrace our unique cultural backgrounds.


How did the participation in this activity benefit the involved participants?

What the students learned about idioms and expressions related to the five senses:

  • Idioms and expressions related to sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch
  • Meanings and usage of idioms and expressions in everyday life
  • Contextual application of idioms and expressions in different situations
  • Differences in idioms and expressions across languages and cultures
  • Improving language fluency through the use of idioms and expressions
  • Understanding the metaphorical meanings behind idioms and expressions
  • Practical exercises and activities to reinforce knowledge of idioms and expressions
  • Sharing personal experiences and stories connected to idioms and expressions
  • Reflection on the cultural aspects and traditions reflected in idioms and expressions

What the students learned about idioms and expressions related to racism, tolerance, and pluralism?

  • Idioms and expressions related to racism, tolerance, and pluralism
  • Discussions on the impact of idioms and expressions in promoting inclusivity and combating stereotypes
  • Exploring idioms and expressions that promote diversity and respect for different cultures
  • Sharing idioms and expressions from the participating countries to enhance cultural exchange

This was our first time participating in an Erasmus program, and as anticipated for several reasons, we faced significant challenges in finding host families for this final meeting. Despite our utmost efforts, securing accommodations with host families proved to be a considerable hurdle. However, thanks to the willingness of our teaching staff to accommodate guest students, we managed to ensure that the regular number of students could be placed with host families.

In order to accommodate the additional 16 students, who couldn’t be placed with host families, arrangements were made for them to stay at a hotel where the teachers also stayed. Although it wasn’t the original plan, we are grateful that all students were provided with suitable accommodations, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

While the circumstances were not ideal, all teams involved made the best of the situation and created a positive and inclusive environment for all participants. We appreciate the understanding and flexibility of everyone involved, as it allowed us to overcome the accommodation difficulties and make this final meeting a memorable and enriching experience for everyone involved.

Description of the activities

During the German Week, we had a diverse range of activities and program points that provided both educational and enjoyable experiences for all participants. Here is a list of the program points, along with brief descriptions:

  1. Guided Tour of Frankenthal: We explored the charming town of Frankenthal, learning about its history and cultural significance.
  1. Trip to Niederwalddenkmal with River Cruise: We embarked on an exciting excursion to the Niederwalddenkmal monument, enjoying a scenic river cruise along the way.
  1. Visit to Heidelberg Castle and Old Town: We had the opportunity to explore the iconic Heidelberg Castle, immersing ourselves in its rich history, and also explored the picturesque Old Town.
  1. Trip to an Amusement Park in Tripsdrill: We enjoyed a thrilling day at an amusement park, experiencing exhilarating rides and creating lasting memories.
  1. App-based Treasure Hunt in Worms: Through an interactive app-based activity, we embarked on a fun-filled treasure hunt in Worms, discovering the city’s hidden gems while engaging with the German language and idiomatic expressions.
  1. Work Sessions on the App: Throughout the program, we had dedicated work sessions where we focused on developing the app, allowing us to learn German idiomatic expressions and identify equivalent expressions from other countries that share similar meanings.
  1. Farewell Disco: We concluded the program with a lively and celebratory farewell disco, providing an opportunity for participants to unwind, dance, and cherish the connections made during the program.

These program points encompassed a mix of cultural exploration, language learning, teamwork, and entertainment, ensuring a well-rounded experience for all participants. Each activity contributed to our understanding of German idiomatic expressions, while also fostering intercultural exchange and building lasting connections among the participants.